Traditionally, the term ‘mentor’ might conjure up for us a picture of a ‘white-haired wise man or guide’. In fact, the origins of the word mentor come from Homer’s The Odyssey. Before leaving to fight the Trojan war, Odysseus left his son and his entire estate in the care of his friend Mentor, who then guided the young Telemachus as he grew up.

I do believe that Business Mentoring is a relationship between the Business Owner, and someone with business experience that can guide her/him through making the difficult decisions, point out ways of improving her/his business, ask the tough questions and motivate her/him  to want to achieve higher levels of performance, all within the bounds of a trusted relationship.

Mentoring history:

- AgriFood Masterclass

Gourmet Exhibition

- KLEA Premium Olive Goods

- StackPrime 

- Marios Giannakou

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