I share two loves in my business life (actually three). The first one is related to Total Greenhouse & Farm Management. Brands and Branding is the second (in between stand Quality & Environmental systems). When I manage to do both, it's magic!

Agronomist by studies, I am excited with hydroponic tomatoes since early '90s and I have contributed to many tomato innovative products in the market. With my partner Evagelos Drimtzias we have design and launched integrated crop systems such as FraoulaBest (hydroponic strawberry), MarouliBest (hydroponic lettuce). and Medi Canna Best (hydroponic medicinal cannabis)

MBAer (Master of Business Administration) by studies, my business adventures started 25+ years ago as a cog in Greek (national) and Multicultural (international) companies and continued as entrepreneur in start-ups, consulting firms, joint-ventures, trading companies, training organizations and forming & operate a small holding organization - The DKG GROUP. Recently (2013) I have invested in a relationship with Dimitris Gartzonikas creating a firm dealing with branding services in order to capitalise all the works we have participated in, having as milestone an outstanding and awarded project. 

I love to share my dreams with others and taking risks with them.

The past 25+years, I have been exchanging tones of ideas and experiences on various business sectors interacting as a Privileged Conversationalist with business Leaders of FORTUNE Greece and Balkans 100 Companies.

I travel a lot. I travel 3 weeks per month. My business area covers SE Europe (Balkan countries, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt). I keep strong ties with people and organizations in Holland, Spain and Italy. I would love to make business in South Korea, America and Australia since there are some good friends and open-minded risk taking entrepreneurs, there.

If you ask me about the most important key factor for a long term successful business, the answer comes easily to my lips: SUSTAINABILITY...

photo credit: Babis Giritziotis

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