About Christos

If you ask me how I feel inside in my heart, I will reply to you: as a European citizen.More specific? as a Balkan traveler.More specific? as a Hellenas (Greek) Odysseus.More specific? as an Epirotian fighter. More specific? as a Syrrakiotian peddler.

My roots are back in Syrrako, Epirus, Greece. The origin of my surname  "Katsan" means the "Wanderer". And I fulfill my destiny. I travel from place to place, from idea to idea, from project to project, from friend to friend.

I don't believe to work/family life balance. I go furter and try to achieve a Personal Development/ Family Enchantment/ Business Sustainability/ Social Contribution balance.

I fail often but always I try to stand up, shake it off and moving forward...

photo credit: Drossos Drossos

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