What has shaped my personal world-view? Hmm....certainly some of the following:

  • Odyssey poem by our ancestor Homer have influenced my whole life view.
  • Cavafy's Ithaca poem  - "..hope the voyage is a long one..."
  • The Art & Science approach in all aspects. Start with the numbers in order to become an artist later
  • Studies on Agriculture, International Business, MBA but the most influential the "Art & Science of Negotiations"
  • The "Synantisi" - the first alternative experimental movement in my life back in mid '80s in Thessaloniki
  • Prima Greenhouses SA in Corfu taught me that I'm not in agriculture but in FOOD Sector
  • Seth Godin - I start every day of my business life reading his blog!
  • Nicolas Christakis - this lucky guy got all the attention explaining us in an easy way all about networks and networking
  • The Tipping Point of Malcolm Gladwell - because something big can be happen without a reasonable explanation
  • The Black Swan of Nikolas Taleb - oh my God! how many of them we have experienced the last years!!!
  • The Lovemarks effect by Kevin Roberts- the future beyond brands because they reach our hearts as well as our minds, creating an intimate, emotional connection that we just can’t live without. Ever!
  • The Art of Negotiations by Harvard University - an ongoing project going three decades back has changed dramatically my way of thinking and acting. 
  • Erich Fromm's "To Have or to Be" theory - severe fight!
  • The Bushido code of  Samurai (discipline, exercise, pain, focus ..) but love the effectiveness of Ninja.
  • Ocean Sailing - Led by Notis Batsis, a remarkable man taught me about team-working, patience, camaraderie and to be frugal.
  • The Holy Mountain Orthodox monks way of life - an inside experience...
  • Trail Running - ultra distances running taught me introspection, loneliness, courage, nature's greatness, setting long term targets and feeling as Odysseus.
  • Giorgos Kolliopoulos has inspired me on Luxury Marketing via his λ/lambda  - the most stunning olive oil in the world, so lately I'm doing research on this topic.

    • The scene of "1492: Conquest of Paradise" movie - "I did it. You didn't ". It reflects my way of acting in my life.
photo credit: Methexis Foundation

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